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Monday, April 25, 2011

Kara's Fourth Grade Special Persons Day

Special Person's Day with Kara was great (and so were the refreshments). We walked in and found our Kara decked out in one of her Kara outfits; frilly skirt, peace sweatshirt, hair extensions and two mismatched flip flops. We were not surprised by her attire. It goes from one extreme to another with Kara. She has those "American Girl beautiful dresses with hair just so" days. But she has lots more of the "let my personality show through" days. We love the surprise element it adds to seeing her.

We saw lots of Kara's creations. Every year the children add their art to a small bag which will eventually hold a teddy bear for a very sick child. Of course, hers was very creative. Her cartoon strip, "The Puppy Diaries," was also displayed. As we walked around the classroom, it was fun to see bits of her work here and there.

Kara is an excellent student full of creativity. Her drawings are awesome. Must be that Russian blood running through her veins. She is the girl other girls want to be like. Really, it's the truth. We love the person Kara is and hope she never changes. She is great. After all, Kara is one of our four "too good to be ours" grandchildren. Our fifth grandchild, Amanda, is guardian angel to all of us.

Oh, I have to add that one of Kara's good friends is granddaughter to a wonderful lady who was a best friend to me throughout all of my school days. How great is that:~)
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