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Sunday, April 24, 2011

Brushing Teeth the Lazy Kid's Way!

I was looking back through my pictures so I can digitally cut a few of the kids out for fantasy layouts when I came across this picture. It was taken a night during the winter when the boys were staying overnight. Alex forgot his tooth brush, so I gave him one of the ones I keep on hand for just these times. He just loved the little feet on it. Well, I turned around and he had figured out you could stick the feet to the wall and brush your teeth without using your hand. This kid is just too much.

If you ever need a perk me up, just stop in at our house on a Tuesday. I guarantee you will leave laughing. Oh, yes, we will miss our youngest grandson when he starts school in the fall:o(
Hugs and kisses,


Jenna said...

Whoa! This kid is good. Maybe I should brush my teeth using this method. Kidding aside, at least he's brushing his teeth, right? And kids will always be kids.

-Jenna Schrock

bb said...

Hi, I work at a after school foundation postcard, can I possibly use this picture for the postcard?

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