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Friday, April 8, 2011

Life Is Back to Normal

Well kids, we got home Monday afternoon. It was not fun unpacking all we brought with us for the month. Then, of course, there is all be bought while in Florida, mostly for you four wonders. Papa and I were so excited to see you. You all looked like you have grown a few inches. We loved getting all those hugs and kisses. Many more from the girls. We all know it is not a boy thing. Emily and Kara, you warmed my heart by actually sitting on my lap and snuggling with me. Em kissed me tons of times and would touch the side of my face softly. I was over the moon:~) We have to go on trips more often, just so we can come home and get all this attention.

Today is Friday. So we have been home four days. All the unpacking and putting away is done. This morning I signed on to Facebook to catch up. There was a statement and blog link posted by your Mom, Alex and Zack. After reading a number of the posts on that blog, it again hit me in the face just how lucky we are that "life is back to normal" has the meaning it does for our family. There are millions of children and adults whose "normal life" is heartbreaking; even lacking the food needed to thrive. Please ask your Mom to read you the latest post on this blog:
Boys, this is your Mom's post on Facebook:

"How humbling that the kindness of strangers and one special person can make a boy living in an orphanage so happy; and it all hinged on him getting glasses. All of our kids could learn something from that."

Kids, I know you are aware that Papa and Nana sponsor a young girl living in an orphanage in Petropavlosk, Kazakhstan. We also donate to help make it possible to add happiness and love to the lives of these wonderful children in many different ways. It would be wonderful if you could draw pictures for me to include with our packages (like Kara has done). You could also start a "Donation Fund" by saving your change in a jar. You could then purchase things these children need. It could also be used to help make the postage charge more affordable.

Our family has adopted children from Kazakhstan, Russia and China. This has established a bond between us and these international countries. There are millions of children living in the United States who are in need of food, clothing, medical attention and toys our children take for granted. Please find a place in your heart to seek out an organization to add happiness and health to the lives of orphaned children. You can check with your parish church, call your town or your school. You can search the Internet and find so many not-for-profit organizations whose purpose is to improve the lives of children who have become orphaned.

Thank you and God bless.

Hugs and kisses,


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