This is my second blog written to capture memories made with our grandchildren. The link to my first blog, "Meet Our Grandchildren," is listed below in the right hand column. Hope you have time to read some of it. Our journey to becoming grandparents has been full of adventure and much love.

Friday, June 29, 2012

Tonsil and Adenoid Surgery for Alex

Well, after all these years, it was determined Alex needs his tonsils and adenoids removed. He has been snoring almost as loud as Papa for years and his quality of sleep has also been majorly effected. So, we all spent June 25, 2012 at Albany Medical Center concerned about our youngest boy.

Pops and I arrived shortly before The Baldwin Family. Alex sat at Admissions with that sweet smiley smirk on his face that I love so much (This is the one he shows when he is the center of attention.). When all was verified, off he went. The next time we saw Alex he was being carried by Mom to the holding tank.

We were notified forty-five minutes later the surgery was complete and the patient was in the recovery room. The surgery itself took eleven minutes. The wait for him to "recover" was another story. Hours later, Don stopped by to tell us Alex was awake and feasting on an orange popsicle. You know good ole Nana. Off I went to check for myself just how our boy was doing

Oh gosh, he looked so tiny in that hospital bed. And he looked sick. He couldn't wait to show me the needle in his hand. The nurse overheard us and told Alex it really wasn't a needle. Alex was so intrigued as the nurse removed the tiniest tube from his hand. With that, I made my exit.

I'll tell you Alex is a real trooper. He didn't complain. He did as he was told. He was the perfect patient. Even at home he did as he should 90% of the time. He is now recuperating nicely. His Mom keeps telling us he has a frog voice. Papa and I hope to visit with him later today and check that out.

And so another memory for all of us; more an adventure for Alex, where everything "came out" fine:~)
Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Our Spring Contest

I had lots of fun doing this layout. I must say I am not taking enough pictures. I had a difficult time finding an appropriate one of Kara to use.

I had long forgotten about the contest I initiated Easter Sunday. Papa and I put a butterfly net in each of your Easter baskets. So I set a contest in motion. Whoever proved to me he or she caught a healthy butterfly would be given a monetary prize. Well, sometime in June I received a picture on my iphone from Kara. There was her very healthy butterfly!! So, the winner is . . . . . . .Miss Kara Michelle.

Zack, it had to kill you that you totally forgot about the cash reward.
Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kara's Girl Scout Troop Earns Bronze Award

Kara's Girl Scout Troop did a presentation called "Reflections of Empowerment" to earn their Bronze Award. Several of the girls wrote essays about women in history who empowered themselves to reach their goal long before it was fashionable. Each essay was very well written and very interesting.

Six speakers focused on the obstacles they encountered as women working in their chosen field. The following careers were represented: an attorney for human rights, an officer in the United States Army, a high ranking official from Rensselaer County, an assistant to the commissioner of a New York State Agency, a Brunswick Fire Company firefighter and a leader in the field of education. There was a question period after each speaker's presentation.

I was very impressed with the way the evening flowed. The program was very well put together. The girls presented themselves in a very business like manner. It was so wonderful to see so many family members in attendance. There is no doubt in my mind these girls will be successful in whatever direction life takes them. They all have so many people to empower them.
Hugs and kisses,

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Zack's 7th Grade Spring Concert

I'm working diligently attempting to catch up on all the entries I would like to make. You four are keeping Nana very busy!

Here is Zack performing in Tamarac's Middle School Spring Concert. For the first time ever Zack's position on the stage was at the end of the row right in front of us. We could finally see and hear him play his trombone. Of course, we did get to see him socializing with the kid next to him, too.

But let me tell you, we were not so lucky when he played with The Brass Band. That band always performs from the floor of the auditorium. We were thrilled he was right in sight, until Mr. Barcomb, the band conductor, raised the top of the piano. WE COULD SEE NO ONE. Fortunately, Connie and Ray were sitting right in front of the band and got these great pictures of Zack playing his guitar. I need these pictures to bring back these memories years from now.

I love to watch your face, Zack, as you play your guitar. It always expresses how happy your music makes you. My wish for every child in this world is to be as fortunate as you are . . . everyone needs to find an escape from reality.
Hugs and kisses,

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Talent Show ~ Kara ~ 5th Grade ~ 2012

Another night spent at Tamarac. The Talent Show is always a big hit with the kids and their families. Here is Kara and her BFF doing a skit about grannies. I guess there is now a town designated for us. Connie and I are hoping the two grannies are not us!! Honest, I don't wear that kind of house coat (any more). Shower caps; yes, I do use them upon occasion. These two young ladies will never be accused of being shy. They appeared on stage sporadically throughout the evening. For what reason? I am not really clear on that.

All the kids did great. We had comics, an Irish step dancer, singers, a ventriloquist, a young lady who plays the most beautiful harp, and quite well I might add. It's great to see all these kids take the initiative to put an act together and stand on stage to perform to an audience that overflows our auditorium.

Another night Nana and Papa were proud of you, Kara:~)
Hugs and kisses,

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kara's 5th Grade Spring Concert ~ 2012

We are being concerted-out this year. Seems like we have at least one a week.

This is Kara's last concert in Tamarac's Elementary School. This year she is in the "senior" class; next year she'll be a newbie in the Middle School. Kara was dressed to the hilt, right down to a lime green, rather large stoned, ring. I'll never know how she and Mom found a headband and shoes to match perfectly. It will be interesting to see what Miss Kara wears next year as a member of the sixth grade Middle School concert. Stay tuned.

The concert was great, as always. The choices of some of the songs right up Nana's alley: Let There Be Peace, If I Only Had a Brain, Hand Clap Boogie and God Bless America. You could hear the improvement in the fifth grade band since the Christmas concert. Tamarac's music department works diligently with the kids. Mr. Chris Siegenthaler, Mr. Sal Scecchitano, Mr. Kevin Barcomb and Miss Cairlin O'Hara give their all; therefore, so do the kids. Tamarac is a very small school, yet they seem to attract great people to teach our kids!
Hugs and kisses,