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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Kara's Girl Scout Troop Earns Bronze Award

Kara's Girl Scout Troop did a presentation called "Reflections of Empowerment" to earn their Bronze Award. Several of the girls wrote essays about women in history who empowered themselves to reach their goal long before it was fashionable. Each essay was very well written and very interesting.

Six speakers focused on the obstacles they encountered as women working in their chosen field. The following careers were represented: an attorney for human rights, an officer in the United States Army, a high ranking official from Rensselaer County, an assistant to the commissioner of a New York State Agency, a Brunswick Fire Company firefighter and a leader in the field of education. There was a question period after each speaker's presentation.

I was very impressed with the way the evening flowed. The program was very well put together. The girls presented themselves in a very business like manner. It was so wonderful to see so many family members in attendance. There is no doubt in my mind these girls will be successful in whatever direction life takes them. They all have so many people to empower them.
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The Film Family said...

Thanks Mom. Our girls worked hard-they are at their best when they are busy. They are strong girls, who I think will do amazing things!

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