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Saturday, June 9, 2012

Talent Show ~ Kara ~ 5th Grade ~ 2012

Another night spent at Tamarac. The Talent Show is always a big hit with the kids and their families. Here is Kara and her BFF doing a skit about grannies. I guess there is now a town designated for us. Connie and I are hoping the two grannies are not us!! Honest, I don't wear that kind of house coat (any more). Shower caps; yes, I do use them upon occasion. These two young ladies will never be accused of being shy. They appeared on stage sporadically throughout the evening. For what reason? I am not really clear on that.

All the kids did great. We had comics, an Irish step dancer, singers, a ventriloquist, a young lady who plays the most beautiful harp, and quite well I might add. It's great to see all these kids take the initiative to put an act together and stand on stage to perform to an audience that overflows our auditorium.

Another night Nana and Papa were proud of you, Kara:~)
Hugs and kisses,


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