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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Kara's 5th Grade Spring Concert ~ 2012

We are being concerted-out this year. Seems like we have at least one a week.

This is Kara's last concert in Tamarac's Elementary School. This year she is in the "senior" class; next year she'll be a newbie in the Middle School. Kara was dressed to the hilt, right down to a lime green, rather large stoned, ring. I'll never know how she and Mom found a headband and shoes to match perfectly. It will be interesting to see what Miss Kara wears next year as a member of the sixth grade Middle School concert. Stay tuned.

The concert was great, as always. The choices of some of the songs right up Nana's alley: Let There Be Peace, If I Only Had a Brain, Hand Clap Boogie and God Bless America. You could hear the improvement in the fifth grade band since the Christmas concert. Tamarac's music department works diligently with the kids. Mr. Chris Siegenthaler, Mr. Sal Scecchitano, Mr. Kevin Barcomb and Miss Cairlin O'Hara give their all; therefore, so do the kids. Tamarac is a very small school, yet they seem to attract great people to teach our kids!
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