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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Alex Plays T-Ball For the First Time

Sunday, April 17th, I watched our youngest grandchild walk in his very first Little League Parade. Now remember, it only lasted about three minutes. But none the less, we were very excited to see him walking with that great smile he almost always has on his face. That smile got even bigger when he realized Uncle Corey was driving the Sheriff's car.

Then it was on up the hill to the field. Each of the four T-ball teams played one inning. Fortunately, the Chicago Cubs were up first. All the kids did a great job. They hit the ball and ran like crazy.

I had forgotten how much fun it is to watch these little guys. They can play every game feeling no pressure. We can even route for all the boys. Doesn't really matter what team they are on. Too bad that has to end in the next couple of years.

They call it sports. I guess the competition is supposed to be fun.
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