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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Door Mats With An Attitude

Hey kids, I got these in an email this morning and had to share them with you. Way too funny. My very favorite is below.

Do you have any idea how many times your parents, Papa and I have listened to a message very similar to this one when we made necessary calls to just about anyone in any type of business? Substitute the word "phone" for "mat", "call" for "visit" and a second "call" for "knock."

Doctors offices are the biggest users. Every once and a while someone has the audacity to update you as to where your call falls in the waiting line. What do you think? Should I change the message on my answering machine and use this one? Let's face it, at my age the majority of calls I receive are doctors offices "confirming my appointment." It would really be a fun thing to do! Wonder if they would laugh before they hung up???? What do you think? My opinion: if they didn't laugh, they have no sense of humor.
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