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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Alex Turns "5"

We all had a great time at Alexander's fifth birthday party - both of them. The theme for his big party was baseball. As you can see, he had a Bouncy Bounce and a pinata. Candy flew everywhere and laughs were heard as the children bounced to their hearts' content.

Debbie rang the bell on The Baldwin's front lawn, but I think the party had already begun. This year Zack and Alex celebrated their birthdays in their new house. The picture in the lower left corner is the bird bath surrounded by Lazy Susans in their backyard. Many things in their home are very unique; making it feel like home.

Alex is a big boy now and is going to kindergarten in a few short weeks. It's hard to believe Nana and Papa will not be spending a day with our youngest grandchild. But it is time for our Alex to join the ranks of the other five and six year olds wearing backpacks and running to the school bus.

Happy "5th" birthday, Alex.
Hugs and kisses,


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