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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Zack's Room Brings A Reflection

Here is what adorns the walls in Zack's room. His tenth birthday gift was a weekend in the city with his family. He had a fantastic time. He says New York City is where he plans on living some day. Thus we have the picture with the city's skyline.

Then there are the guitars, the favorite hat and the awesome poster. Yes, Zack's favorite band is AC/DC. He and three friends have formed their own band and are really getting good. Whose music do they play? Right, AC/CD.

If I remember correctly, I took these pictures at Michelle's and Don's house on Christmas day. As usual I was walking around with camera in hand. Then it dawned on me. This was The Baldwin's last Christmas in the ole homestead. I walked from room to room and reflected on all the wonderful memories our family have made in this little house.

Kristen was five and Michelle three when we moved into our adorable dream house. You have to understand owning our own house was our dream.

It happened overnight. Our house became our family's home. We had a very large backyard for our baby girls to run and play. They had the prettiest "girly" rooms. And all their friends were welcome; always. We had large family parties for all the momentous occasions in our girls' lives until the day they married.

As I sit here my mind is flashing back to memory after memory. I see Ken's Mom and Dad Christmas morning joining us for breakfast. I see my Dad drinking coffee at the kitchen table, sitting in the chair he always sat in. I see Easter egg hunts, birthday parties, autistic children from St. Coleman's where Michelle taught enjoying a picnic and pool party, many Christmas mornings filled with smiles, laughter and so much happiness, our beautiful girls wearing their prom gowns, graduation gowns and, finally, their wedding gowns. I could go on forever.

Our family have had the happiest of years in this wonderful dream house of ours. They could not have been any more special if we lived in a mansion. I will take a few more pictures before The Baldwin Family move to their dream house, where they will make many more memories for their family. You see, it always comes back to memories. I am so thankful to have each and every one of them.
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