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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Drawing by Miss Kara

I don't know where Miss Kara, one of our budding family artists, got the subject for her drawing. She has the tiniest ears. But her Nana, on the other hand, has always been extremely self-conscience of her big, sticking out ears. That is a story for another post.

Kara always seems to zero in on a topic sensitive to the feelings of others. She let me read one of her wonderful stories at our Chinese New Year celebration. It is about a dinosaur who has no friends. By the end of the story the dinosaur is surrounded by many new friends. If you want to know how this happens, you'll have to contact Miss Kara.

Kara has been gifted with so many artistic abilities. She can design a new outfit, hairdo, pair of shoes, etc, for one of her Monster High dolls. Or she can draw a picture or write a book to make you aware of the feelings of others. I really feel many of Kara's books should be published. They are that good. I hope she continues to develop this gift and maybe a few years down the road millions of people will be reading her "best seller."
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Anonymous said...

Hi Aunt Barbara I wood like to reed Kara's storys I like to make storys and books to. Thank you for shareing. Kaitlyn

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