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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Our Nina at the Book Store

The child on the left is our Nina. I'm sure you recognize her. She went to a book store for the first time in her life the other day. This is the very first book she has ever owned. We feel so privileged to have made this possible for Nina.

Sometimes we forget how very lucky we are to live where we do, to have the family we have, who adore us, and all the opportunities freedom presents.

Papa and I are getting a package ready to send Nina for her eleventh birthday. It is filled with lots of clothes and fun things girls love. Kara surprised us with a wonderful letter to include in Nina's package. Nina will be over the moon with happiness. Thank you, Kara, for thinking of Nina and drawing a beautiful unicorn in your letter. Kara is a budding artist. Funny, Nina loves to draw, too.

Here is the birthday card Papa and I are sending Nina with her package. I hope it brings a big smile to her sweet face.

Hugs and kisses,
PS - The young girl on the right in the picture is Kristina . I think she is Nina's BFF. I asked in my letter. I will let you know.


Don, Michelle, Zachary, and Alexander said...

I absolutely love the way that you have taken my sons' birth country and made it such a big part of your life. Nina is so lucky to have you both. Love ya!!!!

Barb and Ken said...

Thank you, Michelle. Every orphaned child, every where in this world, has a piece of my heart. Dad and I wish we could do more to bring happiness into these children's lives. Like I say over and over: But for the grace of God. . . .
Love ya,

March 2, 2011 8:27 PM

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