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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Spring Concert ~ Emily and Alex

Once again I have to say Tamarac's Music Department is wonderful. The teachers spend countless hours working with our children. And it shows. This year's Kindergarten through Second Grade concert was so enjoyable. When the second grade sang Rockin' Robin, I found myself swaying to the music and singing in a whisper of a voice. I especially enjoyed the First Grade singing "Here Comes the Sun." After our long winter, we are ready for sunshine. The Kindergarten sing "Little Bunny FOO FOO." I could not contain myself. I sang this song to my kids and grandkids hundreds of times. And I LOVE it. So I had to join in.

Emily and Alex had a great time performing with the chorus. All the chosen songs were fun for the kids to sing. Christopher Siegenthaler, the Director, gets our kids to enjoy singing. He is such an asset to Tamarac's Music Department. I am looking forward to the Middle School's performance.
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Beautiful Mom!! The pics you got of the kids are adorable as well!!
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