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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Easter at The Baldwin's ~ 2013

I'm finally getting back to doing some scrapbooking. We had a great Easter as a family at Shelley's and Don's. Brunch was delicious. We had far too much food again this year.

I'm glad I thought of doing the steps and stairs picture. It shows off the way to get to the boys' loft.

And as always, Nana stayed inside while everyone went outside to hunt for Easter eggs. I sat and enjoyed a quiet cup of coffee loving the quiet:~)

I love our Easter celebrations. Even though we eat at home, it is always somewhat formal. The table setting was very festive. Aunt Shell always thinks of a new way to make the place cards. This years was a marshmallow chick holding the place card.; a very neat idea.
Hugs and kisses,


Anonymous said...

It was a very nice morning:) The Baldwins' table was beautiful and the food delicious. Placeholders...hmmmm....yes--I think I ate mine. Don't look for them next year, people, Sister is the crafty one!!
Very nice layout Mom--love the flowers and love you too:)

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