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Saturday, June 1, 2013

Special Person's Day ~ May 9, 2013

Papa and I got to spend time with Alex and his classmates once more on Special Person's Day. It felt strange not having to share our time between Alex and Emily. But Emily was off to New York City with her family at the Kelly and Michael Show (how lucky is she!).

This year the hour was spent differently and I enjoyed it so much better. We got to spend the entire time in Alex's classroom viewing the various stations displayed. There was no running off to the gymnasium or computer room. We got to see all Alex is doing right now in first grade with Mrs. Huneck.

Alex shared his journal with Papa and me. We viewed how much his handwriting and story telling improved as his school year progressed. We read the book he wrote with Bob Munch. We met his buddy, Samantha. I could go on and on.

Alex, we loved every moment shared with you. You are such a fantastic kid. We are so proud of you!!
Hugs and kisses,


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