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Monday, May 14, 2012

Special Person's Day ~ Kara ~ Fifth Grade

Special Person's day was really different for Kara's fifth grade class. Each special friend had to bring in one of their favorite poems. Kara had to bring in one, too. Funny; Kara and I both brought in poems about rainbows. I love rainbows second only to butterflies. Grandma wrote a beautiful poem about Kara and Grandpa brought in one about how Kara can influence her own future. Next, we all put our heads together and wrote a poem about Nature's Classroom, Kara's upcoming trip with her class to study nature.

We made a cute holder for the poems and Kara decorated it. What a fun thing to do.

Kara went into her cubby and took out some blue gooky, slimy looking stuff and shared a chunk with me (who, in turn, shared with three of her friends). We had a ball just trying to get it from one hand to the other. We laughed a lot.

Her teacher, Mrs. Motzer, came over to us and said only Kara would take that stuff out on Special Persons Day. She said nothing Kara does, wears or says surprises any of the teachers. Mrs. Motzer said the class is putting together a book to give her of things she has probably never had to say until this class entered her room (I really think see meant Miss Kara).

Kara is very confident. She always leads; never follows. She keeps a schedule of her duties and activities. She has a wonderful imagination. She has a great love for reading. She is taking private art classes to develop her drawing ability. Her friends are very much like her. Hope she never changes; just develops her captivating personality and God given capabilities.

I am so proud of our granddaughter and could not love her more.
Hugs and kisses,


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