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Monday, May 7, 2012

Father ~ Daughter Dance ~ 2012

Another year has passed and, again, it is time for the Girl Scout Father~ Daughter dance. Papa and I had to go and take a few pictures for your blog.

Well, I must say, I took a step back when I saw our Miss Kara. Kara, you are growing up right before my eyes. You must know Nana doesn't want that to happen quite yet; but time stops for no one.The lip colors I'm getting used to. The black top off the shoulder almost sent me into an exacerbation. In these pictures I see a beautiful young lady having fun with her friends and family during her "growing up years."

Miss Em, you look so beautiful in your very trendy dress with coordinating flip flops and lipstick. I do believe there is some eye shadow on your sweet eyes. Thank God I have another five years before I watch you become that inevitable preteen branching out as your sister is doing now.

You are both so blessed to have your Mom and Dad so involved in everything you do; loving every minute of it. God smiled on all of us when He brought us together as a family.
Hugs and kisses,


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