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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Chinese New Year - 2012

Another Chinese New Year has come and gone. It was a strange one this year, that's for sure. Grandma was in the hospital, so Grandpa and her were not able to celebrate with us. Papa follows the Siena College (Kara and Em, your Mom went to college there.) men's basketball team and there was a game that night. So Papa (being pushed out by Nana) was among the missing. Don's Mom is in the hospital in Florida.

The kids liked the contents of their red containers, especially what was in their red envelopes. We had a Chinese dinner on a nicely appointed table, if I say so myself. The cake and ice cream were really yummy. Zack was thrilled to have a Cherry Pepsi for the festive occasion.

We spent the next few hours talking and laughing in the living room. Em and Alex built their tent with a bunch of couch pillows and blankets. Zack had a great time talking with Uncle Corey and his Dad. Shelley, Kristen and I made plans to celebrate Ken's birthday early. We will be in sunny Deerfield Beach on the actual day.

Kara always sits in a certain chair in our living room. We have deemed it Princess Kara's throne. Well, when she got up her Dad went to sit down and started laughing. I immediately knew why. I complain every holiday that the girls wear dresses with sparkles because we are vacuuming them up for months. Well, the red containers I bought for the kids were covered with them, as was the chair. Corey and I laughed like crazy!!

I'm glad the sparkles happened. What used to drive me crazy, I now find something to make me laugh. That's a good thing; especially for me.

Another successful celebration.
Hugs and kisses,


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