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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Celebrating Kara's 11th Birthday

Here are pictures of Kara celebrating her eleventh birthday. Of course, she had three parties. Doesn't every child have at least three? We all had a great time mingling and talking with people we haven't seen in a while.

I loved watching Kara's face as "Happy Birthday" was being sung. She gets such a little girl look on her sweet face. I really think it embarrasses her. But she found opening her gifts great fun. Aunt Shell and family gave her awesome Monster High dolls; a very big hit. Grandma gave Kara the newest American Girl doll; brought the biggest smile to her face. Kara got far too many gifts to include here. I know she loved every one of them.

I had to include the last picture in my layout. Papa and I gave Kara a shopping spree. We gave her a Visa card to shop with until the value on it was gone. I don't think I ever saw her eyes open so wide. It was so fun as Kara, Grandma and I thought of lots of things to buy.

I am in awe watching Miss Kara grow from our fourteen month old baby into our lovely eleven year old young lady. Kara is so many personalities all rolled into one. She loves the latest fashions. She even starts some herself. And I must say, they catch on rather quickly at school. She loves hair entensions in many colors. Her painted nails always look unique. One never knows what insect or flower will appear on them; or mine!!

Then I see that Kara who looks gorgeous wearing a beautiful dress, her hair adorned with flowers or a decorated hair band. I see the gift she has been given in the detailed pictures she draws. I rarely see Kara that she does not have a book in her hand. She loves books and absorbing the stories they are unfolding to her.

My hope is that our girl will continue on this path. I will love seeing the person Kara is in ten years. It will be quite the experience to she how she uses her God given talents.
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