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Friday, December 16, 2011

Our Ride on the Polar Express with Our Boys

One Christmas Eve many years ago, a boy lies in bed, listening hard for the bells of Santa’s sleigh, which he has been told by a friend do not exist. Later that night he hears not bells but a very different sound. He looks out his window and is astounded to see a steam engine parked in front of his house! The conductor invites him to board the Polar Express, a train filled with children on their way to the North Pole.
~an excerpt from A Teacher's Guide to The Polar Express written by Chris Van Allsburg~

Our visit with the boys on the Polar Express to the North Pole was awesome. The train car was full of over excited, happy kids smiling, laughing; just enjoying the night. We had hot chocolate and cookies served by dancing waitresses. Santa's Elves went from table to table talking to every child. The conductor of the train gave each child a bell attached to a red ribbon. Sometime during that evening he gave me a magic bell, too. Then we had a visit with the hobo who sleeps on top of the car.

The conductor was having fun harassing Zack. He kept telling him not to expect gifts from Santa. Zack played right along with him. It was so fun.

Suddenly Santa appeared! He made his way down the aisle and spoke with each family. Alex was in awe of him. When asked what he wanted for Christmas, he said, "Nothing." Santa stayed and had a cookie with us. A magical moment, for sure.

Then the singing and dancing began. Elves and waitresses brought merriment to the entire train car. Alex was busy all evening just trying to take everything in. He kept saying, "Nana, I am so happy," over and over. Zack had a big smile on his face. He was just the greatest big brother, as always!

I thought the magic I felt with the girls at The American Girl Doll Place was the epitome of happiness and could never be matched. I was so wrong. The magic we all felt on The Polar Express Train ride to the North Pole equalled it in every way.

To see families sharing this night together gave me such a warm feeling. Christmas brings out the best in most people. We forget our problems and enjoy the season with each other. Hopefully, we remember the reason for the season; the birth of Baby Jesus, laying in a manger in each of our homes.
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