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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Zack Looking Back and Ahead

Pops and I had Zack and Alex on a Saturday night a few weeks ago. We had gone out to dinner and during the drive home I asked Zack if he liked his new house. He took a few seconds to answer yes. I asked him if he missed his "old house." I just love his answer. He said, "Yes, I do. And when I grow up, graduate from college and get a job, I am going back to buy that house."

It's amazing that my grandson would want to buy a house that is the size of his current living room. The size of his "old house" has nothing to do with why he wants to own it. Inside those four walls, in this tiny house, his Mom and Aunt TT spent almost all of their years until they married. We, with our daughters, have more wonderful, funny, even sad memories than we can count. I smile while I reminisce.

Sounds like Zack has many happy memories made with him Mom, Dad and brother in that tiny house. I'm sure he thinks of times spent there with his grandparents, family and friends. You see, it doesn't matter what size house you live in. Lasting memories can be made any where, as long as you are surrounded by all the people you love and who love you. How blessed our family has been to be gifted with such love for each other, our extended family and so many special friends.
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Anonymous said...

That is so sweet. Kids they say the darnest things.But you never know, he just may go back someday for a visit or even buy it. you should put the song the house that built me her on this one. its by Miranda Lambert. My favorite song by the way. Colleen Kelly Gamache

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