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Sunday, July 31, 2011

Another Fun Vacation at The Cape

We had a fantastic vacation dominated by sun and fun at the Cape with The Film Family, once again. Emily and Kara spent hours in the pool and ocean. Emily has turned into a fish, like her sister. Even Nana went in the ocean twice. But I want you to know, Papa was never far away from me. Brave I am not.

It is so much fun seeing the same people year after year. You actually develop a friendship. God knows, Papa spends hours talking with to his once a year friends. But that is as it should be.

Papa asked me where I wanted to go shopping. I told him I only wanted to go to Linda's. There are these two rustic buildings filled with the most unique, beautiful treasures. The store's inventory covers just about anything one would want; but many are handmade thus making them one of a kind. Well, we drove till we finally got there. LINDA'S IS CLOSED and the buildings are for sale. I still can not believe it. The Cape will never be quite the same in my eyes.

I can still see Zack on the beach playing in the sand not too long after he came home to his Forever Family. And I am blessed to have that same memory of Kara, Emily and Alex. The Cape holds a very special place in my heart. Many awesome memories were made and are yet to be made there by each member of our family.
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