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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Alex and Pops on Tuesdays

Tuesdays are great fun for Alex and Pops. Once in a while I get to be included; trust me, not often. On this particular Tuesday Alex helped Pops relocate our bird bath. He had a great time helping with the new embellishments. He also helped position the landscaping stone. But I think he enjoyed cleaning the "rocks" the very best. Mind you, these stones were purchased by the bag at Lowes and looked pretty clean to me. Then after all the work was done, Alex got to fill the bird bath with water. A job well done.

I had to include one picture just for Alex. I hope to be a fly on the wall when he is showing the book this picture will be in to his own kids. After all that tiring work, Alex needed to relax in our kiddy pool. Please look closely to see his vest. He said, "Mom always makes me wear one when I am in the water." Just too funny.

Spending Tuesdays with Alex, as we have for the past four years, is coming to an end. Our big boy is starting kindergarten this September. Papa and I will be lonely. I have spent one day a week with each of our grandchildren since they came home. Papa has since he retired. But we will still be here when the girls need us. We're hoping it is often.
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Peggy Beck said...

Hi Barb. This page is adorable. You do such a beautiful job on them. And Alex, well he is such a charm in your life. How lucky you are to have the time to give to him. Great photos, great story.

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