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Monday, December 27, 2010

Two Harps Like No Others

I wish my grandchildren had been lucky enough to meet my Dad. He was unique within himself. Was he the best husband and father? No; I don’t know anyone who fits either category. But he was the best grandfather to sixteen very lucky children, including our two daughters. Each of his grandchildren has special memories of times spent with their grandfather. And no two memories are the same. How wonderful is that.

My nine siblings and I have always had our Dad high on a pedestal, surpassed only by our Mom. Many immigrants from Ireland were called “Harp” at the time my grandfather came to America. And this name was handed down to my Dad and then to his first born son. He was Harp to all who knew him. Thus, the reason I have a special attachment to the musical instrument and the music that flows from it. I have always dreamt of having one for my very own.

Well, this Christmas Eve my husband fulfilled this dream. I now have two unique “Harps” in my life. One is my Dad, who will always be sitting on my shoulder. The other was given to me by the special man I was lucky enough to marry. You see, I married a man not unlike my father in many ways. For years Papa has heard me say, “My Dad can do anything. He can fix anything wrong in my life.” Well, kids, so can your Papa. He took up the reins my Dad had to put down and has fixed all humanly possible that he could in my life. How lucky is your Nana? Luckier than any one person should be.
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