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Friday, December 24, 2010

Ready and Remembering

We are all ready, decorated inside and out. I am finally done baking. Ken cleaned up the kitchen and set the table for tomorrow. I looked around our home and everything is perfect. The tree looks perfect. Our flowers from The Film's and my brother, Gordon, and his wife are so uplifting to me. I believe flowers are one of God's most beautiful creations. The decorations are just right. Yes, everything looks so beautiful and holds the serenity of the reason we celebrate Christmas, but lacks the happiness of the holiday.

Tomorrow at about 1:00pm, the front door will open and in will come the joy of the season. Kristen, Corey, Don, Shelley and those four most wonderful little people will bring all the happiness in with them. There will be coats and shoes all over the entry to the house. The kids will be pushing to get to the M & M's first. Alex will run like the Roadrunner to the toys. Kara will position her five bags holding all her most precious belongings on a chair she claims as her own. Emily will have her latest electronic game to play with. And, God knows, Zack will have a bag carrying more Star Wars characters than any child should own.

We will have dinner in chaos. The kids will be thrilled to drink bubbly grape juice that looks like champagne from Nana's crystal. After dinner, we will go to church. I am always so anxious to visit the crib of Baby Jesus with His family. I always feel so peaceful. It reminds me, and all with me, the reason for the season.

Then it is on to Papa's and Nana's for presents. There are wrapping, cookie crumbs and mess everywhere. I look around and say to myself, yes, this is my remembrance of Christmas' past, spent with my family while I was growing up. We had far fewer presents; sometimes none. The dining room table was overflowing with food, homemade fruitcake and pies. My Dad was bragging that we had the "best Christmas tree in Cohoes." Actually, the one he was holding for us brought in a pretty penny, so we got second best. Second best is good. Mom was thankful the day finally arrived. Since my Dad sold Christmas trees to provide us with whatever he could, Mom was just glad the anxiety was over. It was always stressful for her to shop for so many children as the money came in as trees sold. But Mom was happy. Happy to have her family all together, laughing, fighting over some toy. But all together as a family. Christmas has changed in some ways, but remains the same in other ways.

The holidays are a time filled with joy, laughter and happiness, but they also bring memories into our hearts of those no longer celebrating with us. We remember family members and friends not here to celebrate with us for so many reasons. Those memories are a blessing. We can close our eyes and see and hear the voices of our loved ones. In our hearts, everyone is with us, celebrating as a family.

This is why I try to recount some of the memories we have shared with you, our children and grandchildren. It is beyond important to me that they, years from now, will close there eyes and remember their family, friends and all the reasons for the season. Merry Christmas and God bless.
Hugs and kisses,


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