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Monday, November 15, 2010

Look How Kara Has Grown

Ken and I visited Kristen and Corey to see their new kitchen table, which is beautiful. While there, the girls brought us up to see their newly decorated rooms. Both are so girly and sweet. Kara gave me a picture of her with her American girl doll; I believe it is Molly. The picture was taken at our house a few years back. If you look at this picture and then look up at Kara's picture on my blog banner, you will see how grown up she is now. On January 3rd, Kara will hit double digits!

I also have to include this in our blog. The Film family were out for the day, probably shopping. When they came home, Kara and Emily went to put all their bags and such on the kitchen table. Kristen immediately said, "Girls, not on the table. Put them on the counter." My "sweet, sharp" Kara immediately retorted, "Mom why did you buy a table we can't use?" You gotta love it. Kristen is turning into her mother and Kara is turning into Kristen. Who woulda thunk????
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