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Friday, September 9, 2011

The First Day of School - 2011

Our precious four have begun the school year mostly with smiles on their faces. Our trend-setter, Kara, chose her outfit and hair embellishments very carefully. And, as usual, she looked adorable. Emily was smiling from the moment we got to Grandma's and Grandpa's house. She looked so cute. We try so ardently to have her wear her hair back from her sweet face. The effort is almost always in vain. Well, as you can see in the pictures above, Miss Em was proudly showing that pretty face.

Alex wore this cute smirk on his face beginning the night before school. It being his first day of school, Papa and I stopped at his house to kiss our last baby goodbye and wish our big boy a great "first day" in school. I still can not accept his being school age! Now our Zack. He is not pleased with how his hair cut turned out. And I don't really blame him. But like I told him - it will grow. Alex and Zack were driven to school by Dad, so we didn't see them until after school. Zack seemed happy, but according to him he is not anxious to start a new school year. He is now in seventh grade and we all know the higher you go, the harder it gets. I have no doubt Zack will succeed. Alex was wearing a big smile and announced he had a great day. When Mom checked his lunch case, she noticed he hadn't eaten his lunch. When asked, he said, "Oh, I bought my lunch today. I had a hot dog." Mom explained that if you go to school with a lunch, that is what you eat. Too funny.

I have spent at least one day a week with a grandchild or two for the last eleven years. I have loved every moment of the time spent bonding with each of our grandchildren. I feel it has given us a special relationship. My four all know if they have a problem they are not ready to discuss with their parents, they can always come to Nana. Their Moms always knew they could go to their Aunt Suzy. I knew my girls would be given responsible advice I would approve of. I hope this is how my girls feel.

I hope this school year brings happiness, educational and social success to every child beginning the new school year!
Hugs and kisses,


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