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Monday, September 5, 2011

The Films' and The Hines' at The Cape

We spent a beautiful, sunny and hot vacation at The Cape again this year. Emily and Kara had a great time riding the waves. There were actually more and larger ones than usual. The Films' love to walk the beach in early morning and collect unique sea shells. Wonder how many they have at home since we always make our yearly visit. Guess there are some things one can never get enough of. And for me one of them is The Cape.

The only thing missing were The Baldwins'. They vacationed in Ocean City, Maryland this summer and had a fantastic time at The Hilton Hotel. After that they moved on to Philadelphia. It was a great summer for all of us.
Hugs and kisses,


Lisa said...

Hi Barb! I've been meaning to write to you since your sweet comments on our blog recently. We were sad to miss the reunion but so glad you enjoyed seeing everyone! PLEASE contact us whenever you are down here! We would love to meet up with your family:)

With love,
Lisa Murphy

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