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Friday, May 6, 2011

Easter Day 2011

Finally, our Easter layout. Sorry it has taken me so long. I had a brain freeze. The day was great. We began with brunch at Kristen and Corey's house. The table was set beautifully. It held a tree centerpiece with pastel colored Easter eggs hanging from each branch. Kara and Emily made place cards in the shape of eggs and decorated each one of them with our names and lots of pretty glitter.

Not too long after eating we all ventured out to the yard and hunted for eggs. Kids were running this way, that way and every way. All the eggs were found and the next half hour was spent investigating their contents. We had lots of fun, as we always do when we are together.

Now, look closely at the above layout. Does anything look familar, not counting kids, of course? The first one of my grandchildren to email me the answer gets a cash reward. The amount will not be disclosed until claimed:o)

Parents, please show my grandchildren this picture; no coaching, of course.
Hugs and kisses,


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