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Saturday, March 26, 2011

News from Back Home

Hi boys: I talked to your Mom last night. She was quite happy and reported the dining room is now painted. You were all on the way home from purchasing a new kitchen set:~) I am excited your rooms will hopefully be ready by the time Papa and I get home.

Hi girls: I talked to your Mom this morning. She told me what a wonderful time Emily and she had shopping for Emily's dress for her first Father/Daughter dance next Saturday. Em, Mom told me how much you love your big girl shoes. Kara, I loved talking to you today. Your new dress for your special dance sounds beautiful, too. I think it is so exciting our two special girls are going to the same dance. Your Dad better wear his best suit and dancing shoes. Please make sure Mom takes awesome pictures, since Papa and I won't be home yet.

Today is another beautiful day here in sunny Florida. The temperature is supposed to reach near 90 degrees. Guess it's about time to go home. Papa loves these hot days; Nana not so much.

Next week we leave for Aunt Suzy's and Uncle Chuckie's for a few days. We haven't seen then since their move to Leesburg, FL. After our visit, it is home we go. Much as I miss you all, I can't believe the month of March is almost over.
Hugs and kisses,


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