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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Kara Turns "10"

This is the first of Kara's birthday celebrations. Today is the family party. Tomorrow is out to dinner on her actual birthday. And next week is the party with her school friends. Thirteen girls over night at a party whose theme is "Monster High." OK, sounds interesting.

Now back to the family party. We adults love these parties. It is a chance to get together casually and just sit and chat. The guys talked sports. The women just talked about everything and anything.

All the kids were up and down the stairs to Corey's man room at least one hundred times. One of the times the door was open, I noticed circles of bright colors on the ceiling, walls and floor. There were also flashes of colors. I soon learned these came from a disco ball and strobe light. The kids had a fantastic time.

Nine years ago Kara came home to her family the most beautiful one year old baby girl. It is hard to believe she has reached double digits. Two down and two to go. Papa and I are in no hurry. We want time to slow down, but doesn't everyone our age wish for the same thing.
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Peggy Beck said...

Barb, I think these memories that you are keeping on this blog are wonderful and a reflection of the love that exists in your family. How blessed you are.

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