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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas - 2010

I finally got the Christmas layout posted. I have to admit I was not really into Christmas until about three weeks before it arrived. That has never happened to me before. Christmas has always been my favorite holiday.

Papa took the reins in November and we began our shopping with him leading the way. We all know that didn't last long. I looked at our list, made a few changes and in no time all gifts were bought. Papa wrapped everything, as he always does.

Next, the tree and all the boxes of decorations were brought up from the basement and we decorated the house. I cleaned the good dishes and glasses, made cookies and anxiously awaited the day we would see four happy faces with all their gifts. And that they were.

We spent most of Christmas Eve and Christmas Day together. If there were any problems in our world, they were put aside as we celebrated the birth of Baby Jesus.
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