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Monday, June 2, 2014

A Precious Gift Meant Just for Nana - that's Me!

Isn't this sketch wonderful? Wouldn't you agree who ever drew it has been blessed with a precious gift? Every time I study it I see something new to my eyes. And my eyes fill with tears knowing this drawing was made just for me.

Now I will share the story behind it. I have a thirteen year old granddaughter who used to be this silly little girl who spent overnights with her Nana dressing up in night gowns; laughing at some funny thing her Nana said or laughing with her Nana just to laugh. That Nana was me. That granddaughter was Kara. We shared far more special times together than most nana's and granddaughter's do. And I will always treasure every one of them.

Now this silly little girl is growing up. She is thirteen. She has become this beautiful young lady on the outside with blue eyes that have always had a special glisten in them. She looks so reserved now. That silly side is only shared with her young friends. I have to admit I have been very jealous. I want that little girl back! Well, we all know that will not happen. Kara will continue to mature and develop her personality. But now I realize that special relationship shared between us has not disappeared. It has just changed its appearance.

Most artists would have just sketched the young lady sporting such a pretty dress and awesome shoes. But my granddaughter, Kara Michelle, personalized it just for me; her Nana. She let me know how much she loves me. She knows butterflies are special to me. And she included two with "NANA" written on their wings. Is Kara saying our relationship, too, has gone through a metamorphosis? Is this her way of telling me our relationship is as special as it has always been, but has changed in appearance as that caterpillar did when it changed into a butterfly? Most importantly, Kara has reinforced just how much she loves me.

Kara, I will always "love you to the moon and back!" Thank you for my precious gift; your sketch with all the love you included in it.

How very blessed I am.
Hugs and kisses,


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