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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Zack Turns "14"

It really is amazing. I blinked my eyes and Zack was a teenager when I opened them. We celebrated his 14th birthday with ice cream cake; his favorite (just happens to be mine, too). Mom and Dad surprised him with a futon for his room. He was happy with their choice. I'm quite sure he had been hinting for one rather openly.  I think it is a totally awesome gift for a teenager's room. Now he has extra seating for his friends and a comfortable bed for a sleepover.

It was a great evening. Zack entertained us per usual. He has a great people personality and needs no prompting to share it.

Zack, keep that personality; play your music; follow your dreams. They are the main ingredients for your living a great life. And remember, Zack, Nana loves you more than love!!
Hugs and kisses,


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