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Tuesday, September 18, 2012

My Castle in the Sand

I love the Cape. I love the quiet, the sand, the shells, the seagulls, the hydrangea, the rambling wild rose bushes; I love it all. It is so peaceful and serene. Papa and I have been spending about a week each year in Dennisport for over twenty years.

I love my memories of each one of you vacationing there with your forever family for the first time. You were only babies. I will hold these memories in my heart forever.

This year we all needed to be together to absorb what was happening in our family. Whenever we need to face a serious situation, we all come together. We don't need to talk. We find the strength we need as a unit; a family. We spent our time together and geared up for what was to come; not really knowing exactly what that was.

I know you are all getting older and want more excitement on your vacations. This may have been our last time spent together in this small town on Nantucket Sound. But that's OK; Dennisport will be there if and when we need it again.

It will always be your Nana's and Papa's castle in the sand.
Hugs and kisses,


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