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Friday, April 6, 2012

The Story of Your School Pictures in 2012

This is a very different year for school pictures. Alex, your Mom gave me your kindergarten picture quite a while ago and I posted it to this blog. Zack, Mom didn't give me yours. She said you looked very, very pale it in. And understandably so, as you have had Lyme disease and mononucleosis this year.

Miss Emily, here is your sweet first grade picture and I just love it. And then there is Kara's picture. Here is how it went. Kristen gave me Kara and Emily's pictures, late of course (That's our girl!). I told the girls how much I love them and couldn't wait to post them to the blog. Kara said she did not want her picture posted. I was surprised, as it was such a nice picture of her. Her explanation to me I will probably never hear from another female.

She said the picture was touched up and not natural. Kara, I hope I am still around to see your Senior picture. Believe me, you will want it touched up. And you are totally correct. None of them will look natural. I just didn't think this would be something I would hear from a fifth grader. But then again, you are an art student and would not want your drawings "touched up." They would no longer be yours:~)
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